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 International Association
     of  Women Police

 Our mission is to strengthen, unite and raise
 the profile of women in criminal justice internationally.

 Guiding Values of the IAWP
  - Embrace Diversity
  - Be Open Honest and Fair
  - Listen to our Members
  - Operate Professionally
  - Change to Improve


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GREETINGS to our Members, Visitors and Supporters Worldwide!









Holiday Greetings from IAWP Chaplain Dow

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IAWP Online Merchandise Store

The International Association of Women Police is featuring its online merchandise store.  Profits from the sale of items helps IAWP further its mission and goals.  The merchandise, mostly apparel, sports the iconic IAWP star logo.  Purchase for yourself or as a gift for others.  To view items, use this link or look for the Logo Shop link in the navigation menu bar on each page.


Many of the items can be personalized to add your own text such as a name.  To personalize, click the "customize" button near the bottom of the image.  Then click the text you want to change.


Many of the embroidery items can be customized as to the color of the thread used for the design. 


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International Support for Women Police in Afghanistan


In October 2014, a workshop was held to guide and advise on creating Police Women Councils (PWC) in Afghanistan. The IAWP, though not in direct attendance, was able to provide guidance and support in creating PWCs. Participating and assisting the Afghan Women’s Council is UNAMA (United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan); EUPOL (European Union Afghanistan); ISAF (International Security Assistance Force); and, UNDP/LOTFA (United Nations Development Program, Law and Order Trust for Afghanistan). The material provided is a snapshot of this critical milestone for Afghanistan women police. This event underscores the importance of the the IAWP Campaign to raise awareness of the challenges facing police women in Afghanistan.
View the PDF file, or, visit the IAWP Campaign on raising awareness to the challenges facing women police in Afghanistan.











Elimination of Violence Against Women  (click to read)



You have an opportunity to help IAWP further its mission and vision by suggesting Resolutions to be undertaken by the organization.

  • Download IAWP Policy 33, Formal Resolution Policy
    The Formal Resolution Policy provides definitions, instructions and the process of review and approval used by IAWP.

  • For additional details or to recommend a Resolution to IAWP, contact Leanne Fitch, Chair IAWP Resolution Committee


It is not to early to consider running for office.

It’s time to make a decision to serve the IAWP by securing a position on the Board of Directors!  Take time to review Policy Nine, the Nominations and Elections Policy, on the IAWP website, look at the list of elective offices, and determine where your skills and aptitudes allow you to best participate in the governance of IAWP.


With the expanded number of regions, there are now twenty-six Regional Coordinators.  The increased number of positions will provide significant cultural diversity and representation on the Board of Directors. 


Letters of Intent to participate as a candidate for office are due to the Nominations Chair, Cande Ackler, by January 24, 2015 (this is a revision from the earlier announced date).


The election process is accomplished by mail-in ballots.  After January 24, the Nominations and Elections Committees will gather information about the candidates, prepare ballots, and mail them to each member in “good standing” (dues paid by April 25, 2015).  A Special Election Bulletin Package including candidate biographies and ballots will be mailed by May 24, 2015, and must be returned by mail so that they are received by the  Elections Chair by August 12, 2015.


There will be no opportunity to vote at the Training Conference in Wales!  Sealed ballots will be transported to the conference, counted by the Election Committee at the meeting site, and election results will be announced prior to the conclusion of the Annual General Membership Meeting in Wales.


Questions about the Election process may be addressed to Elections Committee Chair Wendy Wilson or Nominations Committee Chair Cande Ackler.  Contact information is available in the Who’s Who section of this magazine or on this webpage.



Throughout 2014, the IAWP is focusing on several critical issues. Read about each at their webpage link.

STOP Human Trafficking

The shameful practice of human trafficking around the world knows neither borders nor gender.









Raising awareness of the challenges facing police women in Afghanistan












The IAWP Resolutions






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Celebrate 100 Year Birthday of the International Association of Women Police, 1915-2015

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Donate to the IAWP Foundation

The Mission of the IAWP is Raising the Profile of Women in Criminal Justice Internationally.  To that end, the IAWP Foundation provides funding for educational purposes under the US IRS Tax Subsection 501(c)(3).  In the U.S., donations to the IAWP Foundation are tax deductible. 





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