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August 22, 2016

What if....

When I announced my second pregnancy… my supervisor said to me "I thought we agreed you would keep your legs together". It was horrible. I had to move out of that area because working there was not going to be sustainable (female participant).

What if....

When I told my supervisor I was pregnant he said, "I’m really disappointed in you" (female participant).

The AFP is one of Australia’s most influential law enforcement agencies operating both domestically and internationally. It has a proud history of almost 40 years. As is the case in many other sectors, the law enforcement environment is changing rapidly and so too must the AFP. Cultural renewal is critical for continued operational effectiveness.  About 60% female.  Over the last six months, at the invitation of Commissioner Andrew Colvin, a leader of enormous courage, my team and I have had the privilege of travelling the length and breadth of the organisation, speaking to over a thousand members face to face and hearing the views of many more through surveys and submissions. Our task was to undertake an independent review into culture and diversity with a focus on gender and to suggest initiatives which would enhance capability through greater levels of diversity and inclusion.

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