Statement of Dr. Hassan Abbas before the Committee on Foreign Relations United States House of Representatives

Saturday, April 16, 2016 8:18 AM | Anonymous
Statement of Dr. Hassan Abbas before the Committee on Foreign Relations United States House of Representatives, extracted from page 5 of his prepared statement, March 22, 2016  (full remarks of Dr. Abbas and video of the hearing at link:

Jane Townsley – Chief Inspector, British Transport Police & former President of International Association of Women Police (IAWP):  A tribute is in order to Jane Townsley’s for her dynamic leadership of the IWAP. Through various efforts and initiatives of the organization, she demonstrated how significant the contribution of women police officers is for effective policing around the globe. She argues: “Policing is not about muscle, but it is about reason, restraint and intelligence.”  In my various interactions with her, I learned about the impact this organization has made and it was an eye opener for me and will be for anyone who is keen to learn about why police organizations will immensely benefit from a higher percentage of women representation in police forces. When some women’s own nations would not support their careers in policing, the IAWP stepped in to fill the void. One of the most essential aspects of counter-terrorism is partnership building, and the IWAP has successfully created a network of female law enforcement officials who could draw on each other’s expertise at a moment’s notice. Jane takes great pride in expanding the network. One of the officers she sponsored for IAWP membership in 2004 was a Kosovar police officer Atifete Jahjaga. Jahjaga became the first President of Kosovo in 2011 after serving as deputy director general of Kosovo police for many years.



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