Seeking bids for future conferences
2026 and 2027

Notice of Intent to Bid due 15 June 2023

The International Association of Women Police (IAWP) conferences provide critical training and networking opportunities to attendees. Additionally, conference delegates receive information on the latest best practices, techniques, skills, and equipment available to law enforcement. The many exhibitors and vendors offer additional opportunities for exposure to global policing. Help us reach out to women in criminal justice internationally. The Annual IAWP Conference is an excellent opportunity for both the winning bidder and the IAWP.

We are currently seeking proposals to host our Annual Training Conference in 2026 and 2027.  There are 3 steps to presenting a bid and are outlined in IAWP Conference Policy (linked below.) Those steps are:

  1. the Notice of Intent to Bid,
  2. the Bid Outline,
  3. and the Bid Presentation.

The Notice of Intent to Bid and Bid Outline should be submitted to Proposers should plan on making live presentations to the full IAWP Board of Directors. A Conference Director has to be identified as part of the Bid. The individual must be an IAWP member, have worked for the “agency” for 5+ years and have attended 4 annual training conferences of the IAWP or an affiliate (at least 2 must be IAWP conferences).

Please review IAWP Policy 10 for details, requirements and specifications.

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