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WomenPolice Magazine

IAWP WomenPolice Magazine


WomenPolice Magazine is the official publication of the International Association of Women Police (IAWP).  The magazine reaches IAWP Members around the globe and is a benefit of membership.  Published four times a year, WomenPolice covers a wide range of articles focused on women in policing; policing around the globe; highlights of accomplishments and lives of individual female officers internationally; and, serves as a link to the IAWP organization, its mission, goals, and members. 

WomenPolice Magazine is a great place to read about female officers around the world.  The magazine gives policewomen a voice, a network of colleagues, and stories of inspiration, mentoring, and training.  The Magazine also makes a great subscription (read below to order) and is a useful tool for recruiters and advertisers (ad rates and specifications are at this link).









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  • The magazine is a benefit of membership in the International Association of Women Police and is automatically mailed to each IAWP member.  Join IAWP Today and never miss an issue.

WomenPolice Magazine

Magazine Editor Myra James
Email: editor@iawp.org 
Phone: 905 518-6232

For details and additional information about 
Women Police Magazine,
contact Myra.



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