About the IAWP Foundation

The IAWP Foundation, Inc. was established in April 2002 by the International Association of Women Police Board of Directors. The IAWP Foundation, Inc. (IAWPF) was incorporated in the United States in the State of Georgia as a not for profit (501c3) corporation. The formation of the IAWPF as a charitable foundation allows  tax-deductible donations for contributors.

It was created to provide fundraising opportunities to support specific IAWP educational programs such as the International Scholarship Program. We are excited about the IAWP Foundation and how it will help shape the future of the International Association of Women Police.

Your donation will support the future of Women in law enforcement / criminal justice around the world. You can donate conveniently online with your credit card, or download a form to mail with your check or money order.

Please make your donation today! Contact the Foundation Treasurer, Michele Lish, foundationtreasurer@iawp.org, for assistance.

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