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About the IAWP 2012 ELECTIONS


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IAWP Election 2012

(Article in WomenPolice Magazine, September-November 2011)


While we are reflecting on the enjoyment of our 2011 Annual Training Conference in Lexington, it is time to look forward to the opportunities presented by the IAWP election coming up in 2012.  Any member who is interested in serving IAWP as an elected member of the Board of Directors is invited to consider running for election.


The “Election Procedures” are described in Policy 9 of the IAWP governing document to be found on the website, www.IAWP.org, under the “About IAWP” section, or click here for a PDF version.  A description of each office at its responsibilities and qualifications, as well as the process for running for office is included in the policy.


Elective offices are President, 1st Vice President, 3rd Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Historian, Chaplain, and a Regional Coordinator for each of IAWP eighteen regions.  The officers are elected every three years.


After determining eligibility for a specific office, a member must submit a “letter of intent” to the Elections Chair to start the process of becoming a candidate.  The date that letters of intent must be submitted either by email or letter to the Elections Chair is February 11, 2012.


Members are encouraged to communicate with members of the current Board of Directors, the elections Chair, Cande Ackler, or the Nominations Chair, Helen Rawlings, regarding the positions, the process, or with any questions during the elections process.  Contact information is contained on the menu at the top, on the IAWP website, or in the WomenPolice magazine.


The election process will be completed and new officers announced at the 2012 Annual Training Conference in St. Johns, Newfoundland.


Election Process:  2012

(Article in WomenPolice Magazine, December 2011-February 2012)


In the last issue of WomenPolice, potential candidates for election to the IAWP Board of Directors were given instructions and dates for becoming a candidate.  Please remember that date of February 11, 2012, and submit those letters to the Elections Chair, Cande Ackler. 


The election process is accomplished by mail-in ballots.  After February 11, the Elections Committee will gather information about the candidates, prepare ballots, and mail them to each member in “good standing” (dues paid by May 31, 2012).  A Special Election Ballot Package including candidate biographies and ballots will be mailed by June 12, 2012, and must be returned by mail so that they are received by the Elections Chair by September 2, 2012.


There will be no opportunity to vote at the Training Conference in St. Johns, Newfoundland!  Sealed ballots will be transported to the conference, counted by the Election Committee at the meeting site, and election results will be announced prior to the conclusion of the General Membership Meeting in St. Johns.


Important dates for the 2012 IAWP Election:


February 11, 2012         Letters of Intent to run for office must be submitted to the Elections Committee Chair

May 31, 2012               Voters must be “eligible” (dues paid)

June 12, 2012:             Elections packages will be mailed to voters

September 2, 2012       Ballots must be received by the Elections Chair

September 9-15, 2012  Ballots will be counted and results announced at the membership meeting during the Annual Training Conference


In addition to the general qualifications for Board members listed in Policy 9, Section 3.1.1, there are some very specific minimum qualifications for each elected position that are listed below.  The general qualifications include being an active member with dues current, willingness to attend twice yearly Board meetings (one in conjunction with the Annual Training Conference), and to submit written reports in advance of each Board meeting. 


The following is a general representation of the requirements listed in Policy 9, Section 4.1.  Potential candidates should review the entirety of Policy 9 to understand the duties and responsibilities of each office as well as the eligibility for the position.


Elective Office

Minimum Qualifications

President Member for 8 years, attended at least 5 conferences, 6 years on the Board holding 2 or more positions one of which was elected


First Vice President Member for 6 years, attended at least 4 conferences, four years on Board in at least 2 positions, one of which was elected


Second Vice President Member for 4 years, attended at least 3 conferences, 2 years on the Board.


Third Vice President Member for 3 years, attended at least 2 conferences.


Recording Secretary Member for 3 years, attended at least 2 conferences.


Treasurer Member for 4 years, attended at least 3 conferences; skills and abilities specific to Treasurer responsibilities


Sergeant-at-Arms Member for 2 years, attended at least 2 conferences.


Historian Member for 2 years, attended at least 2 conferences.


Chaplain Member for 2 years, attended at least 2 conferences.


Regional Coordinators 1 through 18 Member for 2 years, attended at least 1 conference.




In addition to the elected officers on the Board of Directors, there are a number of standing committees represented at Board meetings by their respective chairs.  Members are welcome to volunteer to serve on those committees by contacting the Chairs as listed on the website or in the WomenPolice Magazine.  Committee Chairs are appointed by the President of IAWP.


IAWP Regions:

Region 1  (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,  New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)

Region 2  (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania)

Region 3  (Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia)

Region 4  (Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia)

Region 5  (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi)

Region 6  (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio)

Region 7  (Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin)

Region 8  (Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas)

Region 9  (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming)

Region 10 (Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah)

Region 11 (New Brunswick, Newfoundland,  Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec)

Region 12 (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut Territory, Saskatchewan, Yukon Territory)

Region 13 (European Union, Russia, United Kingdom,  USSR former member countries)

Region 14 (Australia, East Timor, Guam, New Zealand,  Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea)

Region 15 (Asia -- Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan)

Region 16 (Near and Middle East -- Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates)

Region 17 (Bahamas, Bermuda, Caribbean Islands, Central America, Puerto Rico, South America, Virgin Islands)

Region 18 (Africa Except Egypt)