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Conference for 2020 Open for Bids

The window for bids is now open for IAWP 2020 Annual Training Conferences. 

See our Conference Policy for details, IAWP Policy 10.



Conferences Open for Proposals.

IAWP is seeking proposals to host its Annual Training Conference in  2020.  There are 3 steps to presenting a bid and are outlined in IAWP Policy 10 (below as a web link). Those steps are: the Notice of Intent to Bid, the Bid Outline, and the Bid Presentation (as described in Policy 10, Paragraph 8.4). The Notice of Intent to Bid should be submitted to The bid outline shall be submitted to the IAWP President. Proposers should plan on making live presentations to the full IAWP Board of Directors.

Please review IAWP Policy 10 for details, requirements and specifications. It is available at the website link, PDF

Contact Sue Bill, Conference Liaison, Email: for information and assistance. The IAWP conferences provide critical training and networking opportunities to attendees. Additionally, conference delegates receive information on the latest know-how, techniques, skills, and equipment available to law enforcement. The many exhibitors and vendors offer additional opportunities for exposure to global policing. Help us reach out to women in criminal justice internationally. The Annual IAWP Conference is an excellent opportunity for both the winning bidder and the IAWP.

Margaret Shorter
International Association of Women Police