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IAWP Foundation Annual Recognition Program 
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NEW IN 2018

Welcome to the 2018 IAWP Foundation Award and Recognition Program.  The Program is open for nominations January 1, 2018, and closes midnight EST March 31, 2018. There are no extensions granted for award submissions. 

You will be typing directly into online screens through your browser. The submission must be in English.  A write-up is limited to approximately 4 type-written pages.  You may want to type out your submission in a word processor, then cut and paste the text into the field so you do not exceed four type-written pages for the write-up.  We do not accept photos, newspaper articles, or similar material. 

Entries can be submitted by the candidate's supervisor, employer, President of an IAWP Affiliate or an IAWP Board member, but not by the candidate themselves. Candidates can only be entered for one category.

Use of the online form is mandatory to submit a nomination.  Categories and purpose of each award is here.


*Period of performance for recognition is limited to the immediate past two years.

*The entry will be eliminated if the criteria is not adhered to.

*If the entry is unsuccessful, it cannot be resubmitted in the future. However the candidate can be entered for a different award in the future with different evidence, if applicable.

*SELF Nominations
are not accepted and will be returned without action.  We advise you to phrase write-ups to show that the individual is being nominated by an IAWP Board Member, the President of an IAWP Affiliate, or a supervisor in the individual's chain of command.

*Exclude personal details. Exclude names of family members, victims and criminals.

*The IAWP Awards are open to all serving female law enforcement officers with the exception of the Civilian Achievement award which is for female civilian employees of law enforcement agencies and the male award which is for male officers and civilian employees of law enforcement agencies.

*Biographical information on the nominee is mandatory and required at the time the nomination form is submitted. The bio should be no longer than 450 words, one (1) typewritten page. 

*A nominee (person, name, individual) can be submitted for consideration in only a single category.  Submitting a nominee for more than one category will cause all nominations for that individual to be returned without action.

*Category and Citation is shown for each award category.  Nominations not meeting criteria are returned without action.  The Foundation Policy for Awards is found at this link.

Questions on the IAWP Annual Recognition Awards Program should be addressed to Mylan Masson, Chair, IAWP Annual Awards Committee, email For questions and assistance on the submission form, please email Carol Paterick, IAWP Webmaster.

Categories and citations approved by the Board at the EBM 2017 Walnut Creek as a result of the review of the Award program undertaken in 2016 and 2017.