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International Association
    of  Women Police

Our mission is to strengthen, unite and raise
the profile of women in criminal justice internationally.

Guiding Values of the IAWP
 - Embrace Diversity
 - Be Open Honest and Fair
 - Listen to our Members
 - Operate Professionally
 - Change to Improve


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Contact the IAWP Constitution and Policy Chair with questions or for details.







Policy One  Performance Management
Policy Two  Parliamentarian Policy
Policy Three  Official Publication Committee Policy
Policy Four  Annual Recognition Program
Policy Five  International Recognition and Scholarship Award Policy
Policy Six  Requests for Charitable Contributions Policy
Policy Seven  Endorsements for Political Appointment Policy
Policy Eight  Equality of Opportunity Policy
Policy Nine  Election Procedures
Policy Ten  IAWP Conference Bid Policy
Policy Eleven  Financial Management Policy  
Policy Twelve   Fixed Asset Management Policy
Policy Thirteen  Draft: Use of Technology

Internet Access and Use Policy
Policy Fourteen  Recognition Committee Policy
Policy Fifteen  Heritage Award Policy
Policy Sixteen  Adopt an Officer Program Policy
Policy Seventeen  Legislative Issues Policy
Policy Eighteen  Honorary Membership
Policy Nineteen  Supplying Mailing Labels Policy
Policy Twenty   Spring Board Meeting Policy
Policy Twenty-One  Criminal Justice Memorial Funds Policy
Policy Twenty-Two   
Policy Twenty-Three  IAWP Board Travel Policy
Policy Twenty-Four   Honorariums for Board Members Policy
Policy Twenty-Five  Archival of Historical Documents
Policy Twenty-Six    
Policy Twenty-Seven   Corporate Membership
Policy Twenty-Eight Corporate Contributions
Policy Twenty-Nine Board Member Suspension Policy
Policy Thirty Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors



Standing Orders

  • Standing Orders PDF

Strategic Planning

Margaret Shorter
Chair, IAWP Strategic Planning
Email firstvicepresident@iawp.org 



To strengthen, unite and raise the profile of women in criminal justice internationally


1.      To raise the profile of the IAWP.

1.1        by improving external communications

1.2        by improving internal communications

1.3        by improving on-line communication

1.4        by pro-actively marketing IAWP

2.        To improve women’s ability to excel within criminal justice

2.1     by ensuring that the achievements of women and their contributions to
criminal justice and to society are recognized.

2.2     by raising the profile of gender issues to organizations and government

2.3     by encouraging networking and peer support

        2.4       provide value for members’ investment

3.      To optimize stewardship of IAWP

3.1       by operating professionally

3.2       by ensuring continuous improvement of policies and procedures

3.3       by increasing membership to broaden our resource base and strengthen networks

3.4       by capturing a record of the historical development of IAWP

4.      To embrace diversity

4.1       by reflecting the needs of differing interest groups within IAWP

4.2       by ensuring that membership categories reflect the changing environment in criminal justice

4.3       by encouraging Affiliate and Regional Coordinators to raise issues with local, regional, and global perspectives.



Strategic Planning Tools

  Strategic Planning Definition of Goals

  IAWP Strategic Work Plan 2011-2012